Dried Forage

British Crop Driers began drying grass in the 1930’s and, now as Blankney Estates Ltd., continues to operate one of the few surviving large scale grass driers in the UK. Over two thousand acres of grass and lucerne are grown to produce around 12,000 tonnes of dried forage. Much of this is destined to become high quality feed for the livestock farming industry, pet owners and the equine market.

Two presses are operated to produce a range of pellet sizes of cubed grass, lucerne and specialist compound mixes. Blankney’s state of the art packaging plant also produces bagged horse feed on contract for sale & distribution by Dengie.

We are regularly audited to ensure that the exacting standards of the Agricultural Industries Confederation www.aictradeassurance.org.uk are met and are FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance scheme), UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance scheme) and NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances scheme) accredited.